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This is a biography of Damon Hill - World Motor Racing Champion of 1996

Damon, who became a household name in the UK and admired around the world for his driving skills as well as his manner and determination in the face of adversity.

Born in London to a father who would spend more time at the race track than at home and faced with the premature death of his father, while still only fifteen years old.

The virtual bankruptcy that this left his mother and family with and his utter determination to equal his father's achievements are just some of the stories told within these pages.

The highs and lows of his fight to the top of Formula One see him marrying Georgie and the birth of his son Oliver with Down's Syndrome, his lacklustre introduction to F1 with inferior equipment and his meteoric rise to fame when Nigel Mansell leaves the Williams team at the height of his career.

This book was written in 1994 as Damon struggled, with his team, to come to terms with the death of his fellow driver, Ayrton Senna and the battle with Michael Schumacher to dominate the Championship, culminating in two races that will live in the memory of racing fans forever.



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